Union City Fiber

Current Streets where Fiber is offered:

Mt Zion Road

Bradford Pear Lane

West Main Street (504-1804)

Lake Drive (2704-3417)

Walnut Cove

Colonial Drive

Denver Drive

Salem Drive

Macon Drive

North First Street (309-315

South First Street

North Second Street

North Third Street

South Third Street

Fourth Street

Fifth Street

Sixth Street (203-629)

Seventh Street

Old Troy Road (1401-2410)

Lannom Lane

Catron Road

Bel Air Circle

If you would like more information about our services or if your area is available for fiber, use the form below and we will get back to you ASAP!

West Washington Ave

West Church Street

Pryor Lane

West Florida Avenue

West Lee Street

North Ury Street

South Ury Street (413-621)

Harrison Street

Waddell Street

North Division Street

South Division Street

Exchange Street (404-412)

East Church Street (Apartments)

West Jackson Street (106-430)

Nevel Street

Sterling Court

West Wade Street

West Bransford Street

Turner Street

Polk Street

Meadowlark Drive

Stonewall Drive

Nelson Street

Williamsburg Drive

Rutherford Street

Sherrill Drive

Edwards Street (1371-1411)

Ethridge Lane

Wildwood Cove

Honeysuckle Street

Krislyndale Street

Mockingbird Drive

Coverage Map

Below is the current coverage map that shows what areas are complete and when other areas will be completed. To see the full map and its entirety click the button below.